How To Replace The Bearing In The Bosch Washer

How To Replace The Bearing In The BOSCH Washer

It is almost impossible not to notice the moment when the bearing breakdown in the washing device starts. It is advisable to start repairs immediately after detecting the monstrous rattling and vibrations during washing cycles.


Having decided to do the repair work, you must prepare adequately to ensure that you do not run and look for the missing set of tools. First, you should disconnect the washing appliance from the mains, turn off the water, and unbolt the filter hose. Detach the drain hose from the sewage pipe, positioning the washing device in a convenient place for its dismantling.

Changing the bearing

  • Carefully pull out the old bearings and thoroughly clean the setup location of new ones. If you cannot reach them all at once, take a punch and a hammer and punch them out.
  • Note that it is essential to punch out the bearing from the outside of the tank inward.
  • Carefully clean the seat of the bearing. Install the new ones, and remember to lubricate them and drive in a retaining ring. Once the bearings are in place, you can assemble the washing machine.

How to disassemble the washing machine

  • Loosen the two bolts and pull out the top panel. Please take off the detergent drawer and place it on the side
  • Open the hatch and pull out the cuff from it
  • Unbolt the screws fastening the machine to lock the door, but the device itself does not need to be pulled out. Detach the wires only.
  • Unbolt the screws that tighten the front cover.
  • Pull out the water bay unit along with the nozzles.
  • Loosen the two bolts found on the right and left of the dispenser. Hook the control panel with a flat screwdriver and keenly release the plastic fasteners and pull out the board.
  • Put the appliance on its side and access the drain pipe from the bottom.
  • Turn off the shock absorbers, thus freeing the tank and pull out the drive belt.
  • Place the machine back on its legs and pull out the pressure switch.
  • Detach the back wall, pull out the motor, and detach the wires from the heating equipment
  • Unbolt the transverse bar to prevent you from pulling the tank through the top
  • Remove the springs and the tank with the drum as well as counterweight over the top.
  • Loosen the bolt that tightens the pulley.
  • Pull out the back part of the machine tank along with the bearings from the drum shaft.
  • Now you can begin replacing the bearings in the Bosch washing appliance with new ones.