How To Replace Brushes In Bosh Washer

How To Replace Brushes In BOSH Washer

With time, the electric motor brushes get worn out and erased in a washing machine. This wearing causes the engine to become faulty, and repair may take some time. But it consumes more time to get the motor out of a washing machine case.

Reasons behind and the indications for faultiness

Electro brushes aim at transmitting the voltage to the rotor windings, hence driving the engine. Industrialists install software materials that quickly pass electricity. The only disadvantage is that they quickly expunge. However, there exists a trick for users.

The soft brush elements protect the motor anchor from destruction. The merit is that it is much cheaper to replace these brushes than an anchor.

The washing machine’s service life relies on the frequency of use of a washing device and compliance with functioning rules.

Symptoms of malfunctioning

For users having the advanced washing appliance with the self-diagnostic system, then the E02 error code is shown on display. Nonetheless, a user can almost guess about the breakdown by external indications:

  • Power loss as the drum is not attaining the required speed
  • At full wear of brushes, one can hear noise and rattling
  • The appliance stops in the middle of the process. Mostly, the motor fails to work, and the brushes get wiped out.
  • One notices a burning smell.

While replacing, you should choose brushes that fit your washing machine model.

You should, therefore, prepare your apparatus for repair. Cut off the communications and network. Pull out the intake hose and drain any water from the equipment. Detach the drain filter and pour water into an already prepared container.

Later move the washing machine away and gain access to the back panel.

Brush replacement

  • You can locate the brushes on the sides of the motor housing.
  • The appearance of the engine informs about the extent of the wear of the brushes. Some graphite will cover the appliance, as this is the material used to manufacture the component.
  • After accessing the brushes, detach the wire terminal. Then click on the contact as you lower it and get into the edge of the spring and remove the element.
  • To replace with the new components, place them in the socket and join the wire.
  • After the exchange, start the apparatus process by choosing an extended mode to allow all the parts to grind.
  • At first, there may be some noise, but it will soon pass. You are done with the repair process.