How To Replace The Belt In The Samsung Washer

How To Replace The Belt In The Samsung Washer

The drive belt in a Samsung washer facilitates the spinning of laundry by rotating the drum. The belt may, however, break due to continued use, thus halting the washing operations. The belt could also be defective if it is over tightened. You need to replace the belt to either reduce the tension to the bearings or to get rid of the broken belt.


Disconnect the device

  • Safety comes first. Switch off the water supply and all other running programs in the machine and then unplug it from power.
  • Disconnect all the hoses from the device and empty the remaining water in a bucket.

Uncover the panels

  • Use a screwdriver to remove the fasteners holding the covers of the machine. You can remove the top, front, and bottom panels while laying your device by the side to locate the pulley system with ease.

Locate the drive belt

  • If you have a front loading machine, you can find the pulley system at the back of the device while the top-loading washers have the belt around the bottom of the drum. You can alternatively use the manufacturer’s manual to identify the location of the pulley system. Some modern washers, however, lack the belt.

Note 1: the belt won’t stay attached to the pulley system if it broke. You will find it laying anywhere inside the machine.

Note 2: in some models, the pulley system has a belt cover that you have to remove to access the belt.

Remove the old belt

  • Disconnect the drive belt from both the large circular pulley of the washer and the smaller circular pulley of the motor by sliding it off. You can shimmy a screwdriver to slide it with less effort.

Fit the new belt

This is a very critical step. Different machines have varied belt quality and sizes. Fitting your device with a small belt will cause tension to the bearings. On the other hand, a loose belt won’t rotate the drum effectively. Ensure that you get the exact belt size and quality for your model. To be more precise, use the one listed in the manual or order from the manufacturer.

  • Fit the belt along the circumference of the drum pulley and leave it hanging, and then use a zip tie to secure the belt to the drum pulley (the zip tie makes the fitting of the belt to the drum easier).
  • Fit the loose end of the drive belt around the motor pulley and then spin the drum using your hands to align the belt to the pulleys properly.
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut off the zip tie and remove it carefully.
  • Assemble the machine using the reverse process and enjoy washing.