My Bosh Washer Isnt Spinning

My BOSH Washer Isn’t Spinning

Nothing is as frustrating as having a washing machine that does not spin clothes after the washing cycle.

Major causes of malfunctioning

  • Typically, the Bosch washing machine will not spin because of choosing the wrong program or the violation of mandatory but straightforward operation rules. If you are running the device to wash delicate clothes such as linens, you should understand that the machine was initially designed not to spin at all or to spin at the lowest speed while washing such clothes. This explains why the silk cycle offers you with wet clothes.
  • Another cause is due to the spin function being turned off. Often, the users usually select some spinning speed but turn off the spin cycle function by mistake. This cannot be termed as a malfunction. So you will have to wait till the end of the washing cycle and turn on the spin button. The pictured sign is a spiral on the Bosch washing apparatus.
  • Loading the wrong amount of clothes into the drum while ignoring its capacity may cause malfunctioning of the washing machine. One should not overload the drum, and still, it is wrong to load the drum. If you observe that the coat is coming out wet, it is an indication that you have overloaded the small drum. Again, if your organza blinds come out moist, it shows you have underloaded the washer.

Therefore take precautions while sorting your laundry, not only the colour but also the amount and weight. Such factors are important for consideration as they directly influence the functioning of the washing machine.

Technical breakdown causing spin issues

If you have done all the above and the washing machine is still not working correctly, you need to inspect for other malfunctions. Other causes may be as follows:

  • Defective tachometer
  • Faulty motor
  • Defective electronic module
  • A broken pressure switch

The drive belt flops over time due to the specific design features of the washing machines. The belt may undergo a slight stretching, and it can no longer offer a stable transmission. This stretching provides the electronic module with undesired spin speed data.

You should, therefore, replace the belt, and the electronic module will return to normal.


First, you need to start by pulling out and inspecting the lint filter. Cleaning of this filter is a must in maintaining any automatic washer. If you ignore it, it may lead to drain issues and the activation of the spin cycle.