Lg Washer Error Codes

LG Washer Error Codes

Most LG washing machines are always designed to alert you in case it malfunctions. Although the error codes vary across different models, understanding the meaning of different error codes can help you identify and solve the problem yourself. Here are the error codes you may come across:

CL – Child Lock activated

The child lock setting allows you to lock the machine to prevent the interruption of the washing cycles.  Once activated, it makes all the control buttons nun-functional except the power button. It is de-activated by either long-pressing the child-lock button or using various key combinations such as wash and rinse buttons.

OE-drain problem

The error code OE denotes a problem in the drainage system. The error code may be caused by:

  • Kinked/ clogged drain hoses
  • Faulty drain pump
  • Blocked sewage
  • Clogged filters

You need to unblock the sewer, the drain pipes, and clean the filters. You may also have to replace the drain pump in case its defective.

IE-water gaining problem

The error code signals you that the device has failed to fill water in the drum. The problem could emanate from

  • Kinked/ clogged inlet hoses
  • Clogged inlet filters
  • Defective inlet valves
  • Faulty water level sensor
  • Failure of the central control board
  • Poor connection of the inlet pipes leading to leakage

You need to examine the above culprits individually to clear the error code.

DE- Door error

The error code signals that the door of the LG washer can’t close properly. The failure can result from:

  • Damaged door latch
  • Faulty switchboard
  • Frayed wiring
  • Broken door lock
  • Poor installation

You need to inspect the door and repair or replace the defective parts.

UE- imbalance problem

The error code indicates an imbalance in the machine. This could be triggered by:

  • Uneven distribution of the load
  • Defective balance mechanism
  • Poor levelling of the washer
  • Loading the drum with a little laundry
  • Loading the drum with a mixture of heavy and light clothes
  • Faulty bearings

You have to balance the load and repair or replace any defects to erase the error code.

SE- motor problem

The error code denotes an issue in the motor, which may result from:

  • Frayed wire harness
  • Burnt carbon brushes
  • A defective tacho sensor
  • Failure of the control module

CE-current error

Shows a problem resulting from electric current due to:

  • Defective power supply
  • Faulty motor
  • Defective control module
  • A power surge or drop

You may reset the machine or opt for the services of an expert.

LE- motor lock failure

  • Motor lock failure may result from:
  • Overloading the drum
  • Faulty motor
  • Stuck solid material between the drum and the sides of the machine
  • It may also result from a defective door


The overfill error could occur from:

  • Use of excess detergent
  • Use of the wrong detergent
  • Faulty drain pump
  • Blocked drain hose
  • Blocked sewer
  • Faulty pressure switch

TE- water heating error

The machine may detect a heating error when:

  • The heat sensor is defective
  • The heater has blown out
  • Frayed wiring

PE- A problem in the water level sensor

This could result from:

  • Blocked pressure hose
  • Poor wiring
  • Defective sensor
  • Faulty control module

PF- power failure detected

This may result from:

  • Poor connections
  • Damaged wires
  • Poor power supply