Lg Washer Error Code Le

LG Washer Error Code LE

An LE error code on the display of an LG washing machine indicates that the motor is locked. The error starts at the start of the washing, rinsing, or drying operations when the motor fails to rotate the drum.

The error code closely resembles the error code 1E, which indicates a problem in the water supply system. For clarity, we have provided a diagrammatic illustration of both errors below:

Lg Washer Error Code Le Screen
Lg Washer Error Code Le Screen

What causes motor overload?

The error code may result from:

Loading the drum with the wrong weight

Filling the drum with more weight than recommended may strain the motor. The control module senses the excess load in the motor and initiates the tripping of the circuit breakers to avoid its burnout. It also sends an error code at the same time.

Stuck solid material between the drum and the sides of the machine

A stuck piece of linen between the two surfaces could resist the free spinning of the drum, thus adding load to the motor.

Faulty hall sensor

This is the device responsible for regulating the speed of the motor. When defective, it does not rotate the drum but produces loud noise instead.

Broken motor

The error code may appear due to the burnout of the carbon brushes in the motor. Additionally, it may result from loose or damaged wire connections to and from the motor.

Errors in the control module

Errors in the control module may result from a slight error in power supply, frayed wire harness, or even burnout of some of its elements. A defective control module won’t initiate the working of the motor.

Quick remedies

First, unplug the machine and then try rotating the drum with your hand to inspect any stuck foreign material. If it turns freely, then you have probably overloaded it. Reduce the number of clothes to attain the recommended weight and restart it to see if the error clears.

Fixing the motor and the hall sensor

If the above attempts don’t clear the error code, then there could be a problem with the motor or the hall sensor.

  • Uncover the panels to access its inner parts
  • Use the manufacturer’s manual to locate the motor next to the lock assembly.
  • Unscrew the fasteners holding the motor in a position to remove it.
  • Separate the hall sensor from the motor and use a multimeter to test each component’s resistance individually.
  • Make the necessary repairs (you may need to replace the components depending on the degree of damage) and refit them.
  • Test the machine to see if the error has cleared.

Fixing the control module

If the error code persists despite the above attempts, there could be a problem in the control module.

  • Remove the bottom panel to access the two parts of the control module.
  • Unscrew and remove the smaller part
  • Use a multimeter to test the resistance of the individual elements.
  • Repair the defects and refit it.
  • Assemble the machine using the reverse process and enjoy your washing.

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