Lg Washer Error Code Ie

LG Washer Error Code IE

The error code IE on your LG washing machine indicates a problem in the water filling. Once the error code appears, no washing cycle can occur since water is the heart of the washing machine.

What causes the error code?

The primary causes of the water gaining problems include

Defective inlet hoses

The water inlet hoses may be kinked due to mechanical damage, thus allowing little or no water to pass through. Additionally, they may be clogged due to the accumulation of minerals and other debris, interfering with the flow of water.

Clogged filters

The filters prevent unwanted materials from entering into the machine. However, they may become clogged over time due to the accumulation of debris, thus blocking the flow of water.

Defective pressure switch

The pressure switch detects the need for water in the wash-tub and signals the control module to initiate the opening of the inlet valves to allow for water gaining. If faulty, the pressure switch may end up sending wrong information to the control module and violate the entire water gaining process.

Faulty inlet valves

The solenoid valve which opens the inlet valve may be damaged. It might, therefore, keep the inlet valves closed as it is non- responsive to the information relayed from the control module and the pressure switch.

Errors in the control module

The wiring connection from the module to either the pressure switch or the water inlet valve could be damaged or loose. Additionally, any of the control modules’ elements linked to the pressure switch or the inlet valve could have blown out. The lack of continuity in the connection may interfere with the water gaining.

Fixing the error code

Reset the machine

De-energizing the machine will clear the error if it emanated from a slight error in power supply in the device. If the error persists, you need to disassemble the machine to inspect the inner parts

Fix the inlet hoses and the filters

  • Uncover the top, the rear and the front panels for quick servicing
  • Unscrew the metal bar connecting the side panels to remove them
  • Remove the upper counterweight and the detergent dispenser to access the inlet hoses
  • If they have no kinks, disconnect them from the inlet valve and run water through them to clear any blockage (you may require a snaking hose to unblock them).
  • Remove the filters from the inlet valves and clean them.
  • Use a multimeter to testy the solenoid valves in the inlet valve.
  • Replace them if defective.

Fix the pressure switch

Before you assemble the machine,

  • locate the pressure switch and remove it
  • Inspect any defects and replace it in case you identify any damages
  • Assemble the device and restart it to see if the error has cleared

Fix the control module

If the error persists,

  • Check the wire harness in the control module. If there is continuity in connection, remove the module, test, and repair any of its defective elements.
  • Refit it to the machine and restart it. The error must clear.

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