Lg Washer Error Code Fe

LG Washer Error Code FE

An appearance of the FE error code on an LG washing machine signals an overflow error on the wash-tub. The error may occur during any stage of the washing cycle. The older LG machines without the display indicate the error through the flashing of the prewash and the main wash indicators.

What causes the error code?

Faulty pressure switch

The pressure switch detects the level of water in the drum and relays a message to the control module. The control module subsequently initiates the opening or closing of the water inlet valves depending on the level of water in the drum. When faulty, it may send wrong information to the control module resulting in continuous water gaining in the drum.

Defective inlet valves

The solenoid valve in the inlet valves may be damaged, making the water inlet valves non-responsive to activation from the control module, to stop the water gaining.

Use of the wrong /excess detergent

For effective use of the LG washing machines, you should use detergents specially made for them. The use of different detergents may result in the excess formation of suds. The foam may interfere with the working of the pressure switch, making it defective.

Errors in the control module

There might be a lack of continuity in wire connection from the control module to either the pressure switch or the water inlet valves. Further, the module could have some burnt elements that link to the regulation of water in the device.

Blockage in the drainage system

Some parts of the drain system, such as the drain pump and the drain hoses, may be defective, thus inhibiting the free flow of wash water to the sewer.

Fixing the error code

Reset the machine to clear the code if a temporary error caused it in the machine. If the error persists,

  • Disconnect the machine from power and drain the remaining water from the device
  • Open the door and remove the laundry from the machine
  • Disassemble the machine and remove the detergent drawer for cleaning
  • Locate the pressure switch at the corner of the machine after removing the top panel
  • Inspect also the wire connections to the pressure switch to ensure continuity to the control module
  • Remove the pressure switch and replace it if it is defective
  • Before assembling the machine, locate the inlet valves and test them using a multimeter
  • Replace the valves if defective
  • Assemble and restart the device to confirm whether the error has cleared

Fixing the drainage system

If the error persists, there could be some blockage in the drain system

  • Inspect and correct any kinks in the drain hose
  • Remove the bottom panel to access the drain pump
  • Disconnect all the hoses and unscrew the fasteners holding the pump
  • Remove it and inspect any defects in the pump, the impeller or any other component
  • Replace the pump if faulty

Fixing the control module

  • Before assembling the machine, locate the control module at the back of the machine
  • Inspect its wiring to ensure there is continuity
  • Unscrew the fasteners holding it for removal
  • Test its elements and repair any if it has blown out
  • Refit the module and its wiring. Assemble the rest of the machine through the reverse process
  • Reconnect the device to power and finish your washing exercise.

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