Lg Washer Error Code Dl

LG Washer Error Code DL

In the case of error code DL, the washing process will not go further than the tank. The washer stands still and hums quietly from the incoming electric current.

What is the DL error related to?

The DL error code is found only on top-loading models of washing machines. The reason for this code is problems with closing the lid. The lid of the washing machine does not lock, so the system does not start the selected program. This may be due to bad contact, damaged control board, or faulty lock.

What can you do yourself?

Certain measures have to be taken to resolve the issue:

  • Check the door of the washing machine. Clothes or other foreign matter are probably stuck.
  • Perform a hardware reboot. Turn off the washer for 10 minutes, then turn it on again and select the desired program.
  • Make sure the cover is closed properly. Lift the cover and slowly lower it. Then click on Start / Pause. If the door snaps into place, the DL error will disappear and the drum will begin to rotate.
  • Inspect the elements of the lock. The latch may have stuck. To do this, the latch must be cleaned from dirt and released if it is stuck.

When is the master’s intervention required?

If the cover is closed but the system still displays the error code, then contact a specialist. However, check whether the problem is in its various parts, as a failed interlock device, a faulty control board, or failure in wiring or connector could because of the error.

Contact recovery

To resume normal signal flow from the blocker to the control module, you need to check the wires. If a break is detected, twist the ends and isolate the junction. Also inspect the groove, which includes the plug with the wires. It is possible that she moved away from the vibration of the washing machine.

Replacing the door lock device

Inspect the door lock device. Perhaps it is the reason for the error code and if it’s the case, replace the lock as it cannot be repaired.

Control Board Repair

The board may be faulty due to power surge or moisture. It can be repaired by checking for faulty components either virtually or if they cannot be detected, with a multimeter. To repair, solder, twist, or repair the components as appropriate.