Lg Washer Error Code Ae

LG Washer Error Code AE

What causes leakage?

The primary causes of leakage in a washing machine include:

Kinked/clogged hoses

This could either be an inlet or drain hoses. Blockage of water passage by either kinked or clogged pipes results in cracking of pipes due to pressure build-up, thus leading to leakage.

Poorly attached or old pipes

Loosely attached pipes could result in internal leakage or external leakage of the drain hoses. Old pipes, on the other hand, crack and become loose, allowing for leakage.

Blocked filters

The filters may be clogged by mineral accumulation and result in leakage due to pressure build-up

Fault pressure switch

The pressure switch detects the level of water in the drum and relays a message to the control module. The control module, in turn, initiates either the closing or the opening of the inlet valve. If defective, the pressure switch may send wrong information to the control module and cause continuous water, gaining leading to leakage.

Faulty drain pump

The drain pump is responsible for drawing wash water and pumping it to the drain hose. It will, therefore, not work if defective. The recirculation pump continues circulating the wash water, thus causing oversudsing. Too many suds cause leakage.

Defective control module

A failure in the control module could result from loosely attached or damaged wiring or burnt elements. It could also result from a slight failure caused by a sudden change in the flow of current.

Fixing the error code

Start by resetting the machine. De-energizing the device can clear the error if a temporary glitch caused it in the control module.
If the error doesn’t clear, correct any kinks and unblock any clogged drain pipes using a snaking hose. If the error persists,

Fix the inlet hoses and filters

Disassemble the machine to access the inner parts. Inspect and correct any kinks in the inlet hoses. Further, disconnect the pipes to clear any blockage. Clean also the filters at the inlet valves. Replace any loose and old tubes with new ones. Before you assemble the machine,

Fix the pressure switch

Locate the pressure switch next to the lock assembly. Remove it to inspect any defects. Replace it if defective. If the error does not clear,

Fix the drain pump

Remove the bottom panel to access the drain pump. Remove it to inspect its components.
Replace the drain pump with a new one if defective.

Fix the control module

If the above attempts won’t work, locate the control module, and inspect and repair any frayed wiring. Also, fix the elements which have blown out, and the error will clear.

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