Lg Washer Error Code 1e


The appearance of the Error code 1E on your LG washing machine denotes a problem in water gaining. There is little or no water entering the device. Lack of water means no washing operation can take place.

The LG washer error code 1E

What causes the problem?

The primary causes of the error code could be:

Clogged or kinked inlet hoses

The inlet pipes may become blocked due to the accumulation of mineral deposits and other debris. Additionally, the pipes may bend due to mechanical damage. Such faulty hoses will allow little or no water passage.

Leakage on some part of the water system

The water system may have cracked old, or, poorly attached inlet pipes resulting in low water gaining due to leakage.

Defective Water Inlet Valve
Defective Water Inlet Valve

The inlet valve has a solenoid valve which regulates the inlet of both cold and hot water into the washer. When faulty, the water inlet valve may not respond to the information from the control module to allow for water gaining. The filters to the valve could also be clogged.

Defective Water Level Sensor
Defective Water Level Sensor

The water level sensor detects the need for water in the drum. It sends information to the central control module, which initiates the opening of the solenoid valve to allow for water gaining. If faulty, the pressure switch can send wrong information to the control module and cause the opposite effect.

Defective control module

The problem could either be permanent or temporary. It is continuous if the error resulted from burnout or damage one of its elements linking to the water supply. On the other hand, it is temporary if the error occurs from a slight failure on the control module.

How do you fix the problem?

Reset the machine

Unplug the machine from power and then restart it after 10 seconds. The error will clear if it emanated from a slight mistake in the control module.

Fixing the hoses and the inlet valve

If resetting the machine does not help:

• Disassemble the device to access the inlet pipes
• Inspect any kinked and poorly attached pipes and correct them
• Assemble the computer, connect it to power, and start the water system to see if there is water gaining.
• If it doesn’t help, detach the inlet hoses to access the inlet valve.
• Remove the valve and clean the filters if they are blocked.
• Use a multimeter to test the solenoid valves.
• Replace the filters if defective.

Fixing the pressure switch

Remove the pressure switch and detach it from the pressure pipe. Inspect them for any defects and make replacements if necessary.

Replace the control module

If the error code persists despite the above attempts, there could be a problem in the control module. Uncover the bottom panel to access the control module. Inspect its wire harness to the pressure switch and the inlet valve to ensure continuity. Additionally, use a multimeter to test the resistance of its elements. Repair any defects or replace the whole module if it’s beyond repair.

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