Lg Washer Dryer Error Code Dr

LG Washer Dryer Error Code DR

In the modern LG washers, error code DR is displayed regardless of the washing step. The device will not initiate any mode and fails to lock the door as well. In the old models of washing machines, the light bulbs of all programs light up.

What does DR error mean?

The error code is associated with the door and its lock mechanism. The door does not reach the click and does not lock and due to this, the hatch lock node fails to transmit a signal to the control board so as to initiate the washing mode. It is usually due to faulty lock, lost contact, damaged latch, or broken hinge.

How to quickly fix DR error code?

  1. Check for protruding clothing or the bent edge of the rubber seal that interferes with the normal hatch closure. If there is, redistribute the laundry and adjust the door cuff.
  2. Restart the washing machine: disconnect from the power supply for 5-10 minutes and then plug it in again. The unit will start self-diagnosis and eliminate electronic control failure.
  3. Open and close the door. Perhaps the DR error code will disappear and the washing machine will start working.
  4. Make sure the lock pin is not stuck. If it is stuck, carefully release it. Also, inspect the groove into which it enters. If there is debris, carefully clean the hole.

Door hinge adjustment

If the door is pressed/pushed hard when opening or closing, the hinges may break or the loops loosen. To eradicate the error in this case, tighten the hinge screws with a screwdriver and If the loops cannot be adjusted, replace them.

Installing a new hatch lock

The sunroof locking device is often the culprit in this error. It cannot be repaired, so replace it.

Repair the module on the control board

Termination of the operation signifies that the control board has failed.  If you try to restart the program, the error code still appears on the display. In this case, pay close attention to the chip, the device that controls the door locking mechanism. In extreme cases, replace the clip or the entire control unit.

Hatch handle restoration

If, when closing the hatch, the locking rod of the washing machine does not fully enter the groove and sticks in the handle, then the DR error appears due to problems with the handle. Such a breakdown prevents the door from slamming shut until it clicks. The only way out is to reinstall the handle.