How To Replace The Heating Element In The Bosh Washer

How To Replace The Heating Element In The BOCSH Washer

According to the service center staff, the malfunctioning of the heating element is the most frequent problem in a washing machine. The article considers some of the primary reasons for this malfunction. What are the indications of faultiness, and how do you replace the heating element are common questions across users.

Causes of the heater breakdown

Hot water is of great significance for an efficient and high-quality washing cycle. Unfortunately, the way a heater is designed; it has a service life of about 3-5 years.

There are several causes why the heater becomes defective:

  • Regular wear and tear is the first cause of a heater’s malfunction. The fact that the equipment continually heats and cools causes it to reduce its service life.
  • Unfiltered water is usually carrying salts which do not dissolve and are dropped on the heater surface. The thicker a scale layer is, the weaker the heat exchange is. Hence, the heating element overheats and eventually burns.
  • The voltage drops from the primary source may lead to a short circuit. In turn, this leads to a chain of breakage and the malfunction of the housing. The damaged triac on the electronic panel may also cause the heater to be faulty. The triac is in charge of the heater; hence, when it becomes defective, the heater receives no signal.

Therefore, you need to replace the water heater with a new one. It is recommended that you use water softeners or installing a water filter for a longer service life of the heater.

Faultiness signs

  • Coldwater is one of the indications of the heating element failure in the machine.
  • After you touch the hatch within the 20 minutes of use from the start of the cycle, the glass should be warm. If it is cold, then there is a problem.
  • Inspect the clothes after washing them. If washed in cold water, the clothes may not be clean enough and may smell musty. At times the washing machine displays a warning by posting an F19 error code.

The repair process should start with removing the heater from the Bosch washing machine. Once you have access to the part, you can replace the heater using the following procedure:

  • Take a picture of the wiring to enable you to reconnect correctly.
  • Unscrew the connectors and pull out the wires from the part
  • Loosen the screws of the central part but not entirely
  • Push the screw inside to press the seal
  • Pull out the heating element by removing the edges with a flat head screwdriver.