How To Disassemble A Bosch Washer

How To Disassemble A BOSCH Washer

The system always breaks at the wrong time. But if you are there trying to figure out how to disassemble a dishwasher appliance, stick close and follow through. This article will also show you how to inspect and repair the device.

Before detaching the appliance, you need to prepare keenly for this process. First, you need to get a washing machine scheme and the components that you will pull out.

Sequences of disassembling a Bosch washing machine

  • Take off the covers, the front, top, and back.
  • Remove the detergent tray
  • Pull out the control panel
  • Take off the motor, intake valve, pressure sensor.
  • Detach connectors and wiring.
  • Remove the pipes and hoses
  • Unbolt weights and supports
  • Disconnect the cuff and remove the hatch locking machine
  • Detach and pull out the tank

Note that to detach the washing machine, you need a vast space.

The entire process is strict, and you cannot do it without pulling apart the parts of the machine.

Process of pulling out the top cover

Use a cross-head or a hex-head screwdriver to pull out the two screws from the back of the appliance. Now, slide the cover forward and lift it.

How to detach the control panel

Move to the front and pull out the powder dispenser. Press the latch in the center, twitch it towards you and then pull it out of the case.

Then, pull out the screws found behind the tray and the bolts on the other side of the panel. Gently unclip the plastic hatches, dismantle the board. To completely pull out the board, you need to remove the connectors of the wires.

Process of disassembling the front panel

First, open the hatch door. Before dismantling the door of the appliance, pull it out from the hinges. To do this, unscrew the fastening screws. Pry off the hatch cuff and yank the clamp with a screwdriver. Seal the rubber inside the drum.

Take off the bolts securing the door lock. Put your hands behind the case and take off the hatch locking equipment. Detach all wires from it and take apart the lock. Unscrewing the bolts around the perimeter of the front panel, keenly remove it and place it aside.

As you continue dismantling the parts, carefully inspect all the elements for any defect. In case of any faultiness, replace them. Again, before reinstalling, please clean the aspects thoroughly.