F21 Error Code Whirlpool Washer

F21 Error Code Whirlpool Washer

Error code F21 implies water drain issues. Here, the washer operates correctly in other modes but cannot complete the washing cycle leaving laundry wet.

F21: Description

The F21 error code implies that the front-load washer is not draining water correctly and at a time, the drains are longer than expected. The issue could be the water pumping mechanism and failure in either the filters, pump, hoses, sewage, nozzle and motor can lead to the error. It could also be displayed due to failure in the pressure switch, broken pump wiring, lose or damaged contact, or lost connection between the control board and the pump.

Diagnosing the Problem

First, reset the error to ascertain whether it’s a software failure.

  1. connect the device into a wall outlet.
  2. Press the PAUSE / CANCEL button twice.
  3. Hold the button for a few seconds until it switches off.

If the error still appears on the display, continue to solve it through other means.

DIY Repair

In this case, you need to get stuck clothes or remove clogs and other blockages.

Clogged Drain Hose

Most likely, the hose is clogged, bent, or kicked. To check whether the drain hose is clear, rub water or blow air through it and if they do not flow freely, push the stuck elements using a long-handled hook. If bent or kicked, straighten it up and be careful not to interfere with sewer connection.

Dirty Filter

Unscrews the front bottom panel and remove it to access the mesh hair catcher, wiring, and the pump. Remove and gently brush it, then rinse under running water.

Clogged Pump

Inspect the pump for clogs obstructing the pump mechanism. If blocked, clean it using a soft towel but if damaged, you may have to replace it.

Damaged Cable Loop

Check the cable loop for loose contacts or breakages. If the defect is visible twist the ends, otherwise use a multimeter.

Broken Pump Motor

If the filter, wires, and the drain hose are okay but the error still appears, then check the pump motor. Inspect it with a multimeter and its readings should be in the range of 120V, otherwise replace it.

Faulty Pressure Switch

The pressure switch maintains communication between the main control board and the drain pump. If damaged, you will have to replace it. You may also have to replace faulty components of the control board if they cannot be soldered.

Sewer Blockage

Dirt such a pile, coins, scraps of paper, and other foreign materials can clog the plumbing pipes into which the washer drains. To resolve the error, unplug the nozzle and clean the pipe from these foreign materials.