F01 Error Code Whirlpool Dryer

F01 Error Code Whirlpool Dryer

The dryer drum may at a time not rotate and due to this, the laundry dries unevenly displaying error code F01. In some dryer models such as the Whirlpool dryer, the code is displayed even in the absence of heating.

What is error f1 associated with?

Error code F01 is mostly associated with the electronic control board. It implies that the is no contact or the available contact between the central module and the remaining nodes are poor. This is mainly due to an unexpected power surge or short-term power outage.

How to correct the situation quickly?

Error code F01, also displaying as F1 can be eliminated by rebooting the dryer. To do this:

  • unplug the dryer from the cord;
  • leave it for 3-7 minutes;
  • turn it on again by connecting it to the power supply.

If the error disappears, then it was due to ordinary failures.

Cardinal actions

The error is eliminated depending on the type of failure. In this case, the subunits linked with temperature control are the most vulnerable.

Faulty thermal switch

The switch protects the dryer against overheating. If the devices start overheating, the thermal switch opens the circuit and this prevents any possible fire. Due to this, the error code F01 is displayed. If the switch is faulty, it is recommended that you replace it.

Faulty thermistor

First, check whether its wiring is intact. This should be done using a multimeter and If damaged, repair them by twisting or soldering, or even replace them.

Broken door switch

Error F01 can also be due to a damaged door locking mechanism. When its tightly closed, the switch is activated, producing a specific click. If this signal is absent, then the subunit is faulty. To ascertain this, switch on the device and listen carefully. To check for defect, use a multimeter and if faulty, replace it.

Gluing the switch with adhesive tape can also eliminate the error. Layers are glued one on top of another until the door starts to shut properly.

Burnt relay contact on the board

After a power surge, various components of the control board may burn out. The affected parts will be blackened and to eliminate the error, strip their surfaces for maximum adhesion with a soldering iron, pliers, or a multimeter. Afterward, solder them to restore the situation.

Damaged wiring

If wires leading to the central module are loose or damaged the error will be displayed. To eliminate it you need to either:

  • connect unfixed jack plugs to the board;
  • solder or twist damaged ends;
  • replace the entire cable.