How To Disassemble The Bosch Washer

How To Disassemble The BOSCH Washer

Before dismantling the Bosch washing appliance, you need to study its design and the structure for some time. Decide on the elements that you would want to pull out to attain your goal. For a complete dismantling of the Bosch washing apparatus, you need to pull out the:

  • Metal back cover of the device and the top and front board
  • Control panel
  • Tub and drum
  • Detergent drawer
  • Lint filter and branch pipes
  • Counterweights and shock absorbers
  • Electric motor, the heating equipment, and the pump
  • Hatch and lock connection
  • Inlet valve, tubes, and pressure switch
  • Pulleys and drive belt

Ways of disassembling the washing appliance panels

  • Use the screwdriver to take off two small screws holding the top cover. Then, move the cap back relative to the housing of the appliance and pull out the panel. Unbolt some few fasteners holding the metal back cover and pull it out.
  • Remove the detergent drawer and unbolt the control panel. You will find three screws near the detergent drawer and two on top of the housing. Pull out the control panel and detach all the wires.

How to disassemble the main parts

  • After removing the panels, you will gain access to all the essential components. Now you will need to remove them correctly using the following steps:
  • Just under the top cover, there is a metal bar linking the left and right panels of the device housing. Pull out the bar by loosening the screws.
  • Unbolt the two bolts of the upper counterweight with 14mm key. Remove the counterweight
  • Since we have already pulled out the detergent drawer and loosened the dispenser, now you only need to remove the pipes holding it. Detach those using pliers. In the same method, take off the pipe leading to the inlet valve and pull out the dispenser.
  • You will find the pressure switch, and it’s a hose with the wires in the upper part. There is also a connection of a cable of the noise filter. Detach the cables from these elements and carefully pull them out.
  • Then, unbolt the lint filter and drain the water.
  • Unbolt the door and pull it out. Pull out the two screws located on the right of the hatch to remove the lock assembly.
  • Next, remove the narrow drive belt from the pulley. It is found on the back of the washing machine. Detach the wiring from the motor and remove it. Unscrew it using the 12mm key. To remove it safely, push the engine forward and down with your hand under the engine.