How To Clean Filters In The Samsung Washer

How To Clean Filters In The Samsung Washer

Filters in a Samsung washing machine screen out solid materials and any other debris to avoid damage to the machine. There are two filters in each washing machine, the inlet filter, and the drainage filters. The filters, however, require regular cleaning since the accumulation of minerals and the unwanted particles on the filter screen may block the flow of water into the drum or cause water overflow. They may also create a breeding zone for moulds which may damage the machine or cause allergy to the owners of the laundry.

Before disassembling the washer, you need to establish whether the filters are clogged.

How to detect clogged inlet filters

Most Samsung washers have both hot and cold water inlet valves each with its filter. You may detect a clogged inlet filter when:

  • There is little or no water gaining into the drum
  • Water stops gaining after few minutes then stops and the machine displays an error code
  • There is leakage in the inlet hoses due to pressure buildup

Cleaning the inlet filters

If you notice the above signs in your washer, the first step is to clean the filters.


  • Assemble the necessary tools. You will need a pair of pliers, a bucket, a flashlight, screwdrivers, cleaning detergent, water, a basin, a cleaning brush, and a disinfectant.
  • Disconnect the washer from the water supply and turn off the hot and cold water inlets
  • Unplug the machine from the power
  • Disassemble the machine using the screwdrivers and disconnect the inlet hoses to access both the hot and cold water inlet valves
  • Use a bucket to trap any water in the hoses
  • Use a flashlight to illuminate the screens inside the two hose fitting ports
  • Use the water and the detergent to clean the filters carefully
  • Use the disinfectant to kill any bacteria and fungi in the ports and assemble the machine.

Detecting clogged drainage filter

You will notice a clogged drain filter if:

  • The wash water is not draining
  • There is overusing due to over circulation of the wash water by the recirculation pump
  • The machine displays a drainage error code

Cleaning the drain filter

You can use the same tools applied in accessing the inlet filter.

  • Open the bottom and the rear panel to access the drain pump
  • Remove the clamps and disconnect the hoses to the pump
  • Unscrew the pump to remove it
  • Locate the filter at the port connecting the hose to the washtub
  • Use the flashlight to illuminate the filter screen and then clean it using the water and the detergent
  • Assemble the machine and run a free washing cycle to see if the clogs have cleared.