Bosch Washer Troubleshooting

BOSCH Washer Troubleshooting

Bosch washing machines are reputable and a choice for many. This is because they are of higher quality and numerous inventive technologies introduced. Even so, even such a high profile appliance is probable to malfunction at some point.

Typical malfunction of the machine

All faults considered, the most common ones include:

  • The equipment will not heat the water during the cycles
  • It will not drain
  • It will not spin
  • The drum rattles as it spins
  • The washer does not get any water
  • The motor will not run

From the above list, you can realize that the most prone element of an LG machine is their heating equipment. If the equipment has been burned out, then the controller is alright. Hence, the repair is easy, and it will not take a lot of effort. Otherwise, you will require replacing the controller, and only an engineer can handle it correctly.

The system will display an error code, or the indicators will flash to alert the owner of a breakdown. The appliance usually displays the following faults: F40, E67, F29, F61, E02, F36, F01, F31, F63, F34, and F16, among others.

Reasons for malfunction

The way the machine is designed, it determines the nature of the faultiness and their causes.

If the water does not drain the water used for the cycle, the following causes are apparent:

  • The pressure switch is faulty
  • The filter or pump is blocked
  • The pump is defective
  • The contacts of the pump are oxidized or burnt out

If the drum is defective and not functioning at all, the following may be the reasons:

  • Damaged drive belt
  • Faulty electronic element
  • Failed motor (however, it is a less common cause)

What causes the drum to rattle?

  • If the bearings are faulty
  • An item caught in between the tub
  • The counterweight has gone
  • Floppy shock absorbers

Why will the water not enter the drum?

  • There is no water in the system, low pressure
  • The pump or the Aqua stop is blocked
  • Bent drain hose

Indication of a floppy motor:

  • Failure of the hatch to close
  • Malfunctioning controller

You can carry out the DIY repair after detecting the issue with the drain pump, the filter, or the water level switch.

  • First, clean out and replace the drain pump
  • Check if the heater equipment is defective and replace it with a new one
  • Then, return the bearings if they are faulty

You are now good to go!