Bosch Washer Pump Error

Bosch Washer Pump Error

At times, the washing device may fail during the cycle or before spinning starts. In this case, error codes F03 or F18 appears.

What does the F03 error code mean in the Bosch washing machine

F03 implies a fault in the drainage system. The water in the drum may not go down to level one within the required time. The error is as a result of poor contact at the terminals of the bilge pump and to address this issue, tighten the clamps and clean them. If the bilge pump is defective, it is advisable to wash the filter of the pump or replace it with a new one. Also, the washer`s press start maybe is out of order and in this case, you have to replace the pressure switch or repair the hydraulic system of the water level sensor.
What Does the F18 Error Code Mean in Bosch Washing Machine
F18 error implies a malfunction in the system drainage, which causes delay to drain. It can be due to dysfunction in the bilge pump, therefore clean or replace this pump. It could also be due to a lock in the switch of the pressure switch or some clogging in the drainage path. In either instance, you need to clean or replace them. Other possible causes of a breakdown are as described below.

Breakdown of electronics

Software failure is a major cause of fault in drainage. To reset the issue, it is advisable to wait for a while, switch on the washing machine and rerun the necessary program.

Filter Clogging

Also, garbage accumulation may cause drainage failures. If this error occurs, a numeric code appears on the dashboard of the washing machine. To eradicate the challenge, do a thorough clean up to filter dirt.

Clogging of nozzles

Also, clogging in the nozzle may result in drainage failure. To resolve the issue, make sure that the hoses are not bent and are placed in the normal position. Ineffective configuration of the nozzles can lead to leaks and therefore leads to water getting into the electronic system and thereby causing a blockage.
Other causes can due to overlapping the pump impeller with a large object, Siphon or sewerage clogging, due to Pump Fault and wiring related problems. Most of these parts require to be replaced if they are worn out or cleaned to remove clogs.
In case of waring faults, it may be due to short circuit, unresponsive button, incorrect operation of electronics, or spontaneous shutdown. When checking wire problem, ensure you inspect both the wire and hoses leading to various parts. Also, run a test run in every wash mode.

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