Bosch Washer Error Code E43

Bosch Washer Error Code E43

A display of error code E43 signals you of a problem in the motor of the washing machine. The appearance of such an error renders the device non-operational, thus bringing to a halt all your washing operations. A problem in the motor could result from subjecting the machine to a heavy load than recommended. Typically, a significant percentage of Bosch washing machine load laundry up to the weight of 1.5 kilograms (kg). It could also result from an error in some parts of the main control board, which coordinates all the working components, including the motor and the wire harnessing.

You need to resolve the issue and keep your Bosch washer in its working condition. Before disassembling your machine, you need to reset the machine to clear the error manually.

Resetting the Bosch machine

Switch off the machine and unplug it from the main power supply. And then press and hold the spin button for 10 to 12 seconds and release it. Reconnect the machine and press the start button. Select a spin program to see if the machine runs. If it fails, proceed to fix the motor.

Fixing the motor

Before opening the panel, confirm whether the washing tank rotates freely. The failure of the motor could result from the blockage of the rotational movement of the tank by a foreign substance or an accumulation of debris. If it rotates freely, test the motor and its components

Unscrew the panel to access the motor. Check if the rotating belt is in position and remove it to gives access to the motor. Inspect the wire harness and replace the faulty ones. Remove the motor and test it using a multimeter to identify the defects. Inspect also the tacho sensor ( the spin speed controller) and replace all defective parts if they are beyond repair. Assemble the machine and test to see if the error clears.

Fixing the central control unit

If the above fixes do not solve the problem, it may be some part of the control unit is defective. Disassemble the machine again if you had closed the panel to access the control unit. Inspect all the wire harnessing to correct any loose connections leading to the motor. If there is continuity in wire connections, the problem lies in the control unit. Test and repair any defects or replace it if it’s beyond repair. Refit the detached components using the reverse process and screw back the panel. Start the machine and enjoy using the Bosch washer.

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