Bosch Washer Error Code E32

Bosch Washer Error Code E32

During the regular spinning cycles, the motor of your Bosch washing machine may start producing loud operating sound then goes off after a few seconds with a display of error code E 32. It could be inconveniencing, especially if you had a fixed schedule. You have to fix the problem and get your laundry clean. But where do you start when you don’t know the meaning of such an error code? The error code E32 pops up to signal you of an imbalance in the tank. It can appear at any time during the washing cycle. Before the machine goes off, its motor produces loud sound while the automated sensor tries to revert the balance to normal. Such imbalance prevents the high spinning speeds, and the machine goes off. You cannot use the device until you correct the situation. You, however, must understand the causes of the imbalance to clear the error code.

What could be the cause?

The imbalance in the tank could result from:

  • Poor arrangement of the laundry – this could include concentrating laundry on one side of the washer, filling the tank with few clothes, overloading the machine, uneven distribution of linen, etc.
  • Poor levelling of the stands- Poor levelling of the positions makes the machine vibrate, especially at high spinning speed. Such vibration could result in breaking the suspension springs, thus leading to imbalance.
  • Broken parts of the balancing system- Due to the normal wear and tear, your Bosch washing machine may deteriorate with time. Thus, some parts of the balancing system, such as the shock absorbers, suspension rods, counterbalance springs, snubber pads, snubber rings, rear drums, shock dampening devices, and the tub wear pad may break or worn-out with time.
  • Failure on the part of the control unit- this could make the engagement of the balance mechanism difficult, resulting in an error code even with the slightest imbalance.

You need to resolve the above problems to clear the error code E32

  1. Fixing the problem
  2. Balance the linen
  • First, switch the machine off and unplug it from power then open the washer to distribute the laundry evenly. Restart the device to see if the error has cleared. If the error persists, go to the step below.
  • Inspect and repair/replace broken parts
  • Detach the washing tab and open the panel to inspect the balancing system. Replace any defective components mentioned above. Test your Bosch washer after refitting everything properly. If the machine remains non-functional after the above inspection and repair, consider levelling the stands
  • Level the legs
  • You need a spirit level to level your appliance. Rotate the locking nuts clockwise to adjust the legs downwards and anticlockwise to fit them upwards. Continue with the adjustments until you achieve the optimal reading of the spirit level.
  • Check your control unit.

If all the corrections above fail, disassemble your machine and check the wire connection to the balance system. If there is continuity, you need to repair or replace your control unit.

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