Bosch Washer Error Code E29

BOSCH Washer Error Code E29

The enjoyment of your Bosch washing machine may be halted by the appearance of an error code E29 on the display screen. The popup of such an error signals you of an issue in the water supply of the device. You can’t use the machine unless you clear the error code.

Causes of the error code

Clogged/ kinked inlet hoses

Tap water contains minerals and other debris which may accumulate and block the inlet hose. Additionally, the supply hose may be kinked, thus preventing the free flow of water to the wash-tub.

Faulty inlet valve

The inlet valve is subject to the control of the central electronic module, the cycle selector switch, and the water level pressure switch. When faulty, it won’t respond to the instructions from the three controllers to supply cold and hot water to the wash-tub.

Faulty water level switch

You will find the water level pressure switch next to the control panel with an air dome tube attachment to the tub. It detects the water level in the tank and exerts pressure on the valve to pump the water. It ensures balanced water flow into the tank. If faulty, the water inlet may slow down or stop altogether.

Error/ faulty electronic module

The electronic module coordinates all the working elements of the washer by ensuring a consistent power supply. It, therefore, supplies the water inlet valve circuit with power during the fill, washing, and rinsing cycles. When its wire harness to the inlet valve is faulty, it won’t initiate the pumping of water into the tank.

Fixing the water inlet valve

  • Unplug the machine from the power source, and then unscrew the rear panel to access the inlet valve. It is positioned next to hose connections.
  • Remove the valve for inspection and testing.
  • Use a multimeter to test the condition of the valve. If faulty, replace the inlet valve with a functional one.

Fixing the water level switch

  • Ensure that you fully de-energize your machine, and then open the panel to access the water level switch.
  • Remove and submerge the air dome hose in the water, and then remove it. Block one of its sides and blow in the other end to inspect any air leakage.
  • Unscrew the water level switch and examine any defects. Replace it if defective.

Fixing the electric control module

If the error persists despite the attempts above, then there could be an error/ defect in the control module.

  • Disassemble the washing machine to access the central control unit.
  • Inspect its wire connection to the inlet valve to ensure continuity.
  • Unscrew the unit to remove it and then test its elements for any defects.
  • Replace the defective elements or replace the whole unit if beyond repair. This will certainly clear the error code E29.


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