5d Error Code Whirlpool Washer

5D Error Code Whirlpool Washer

Error code 5D is displayed due to increase foaming. In this case, the washer stops without completing the cycle and suddenly switches on the water supply.

What is error 5d by caused?

The error should be checked carefully and not confused with other error codes such as SD. If your device displays the error 5D, it implies that the washer cannot drain water due to excess foaming. Due to this, the device stops rotating the drum and automatically increases the rinsing time to remove excess soap cap. Moreover, it alternately changes the foam suppression modes:

  • active (poured water breaks the bubbles, and the foam disappears);
  • passive (equipment waits until the soap solution settles).

What can you do independently?

  • Wait for 10 – 20 minutes until the device copes with the failure, getting rid of the increased foaming. After that, it will automatically start and continue the program.
  • Reset error code 5d, because, in some instances, it occurs due to a failure. To solve the problem correctly, you need to press PAUSE / CANCEL 2 times or POWER 1 time and then start washing.
  • Stop the washer and take out too voluminous, soft, and fluffy things. Then continue the cycle. Error 5d should disappear because the sensor responded to swollen wool.
  • Press POWER, drain water, open the drum, pull out the laundry, put a special cleaning tablet on the bottom, close the door and hold the PAUSE/CANCEL button for 3 seconds. After that, the equipment will enter the cleaning mode and do everything on its own.

If error code 5d appears without accumulation of foam, this indicates a failure of one of the subunits. In this case, the cardinal intervention will be required.

Faults and methods for their elimination

Clogged drain system

To resolve the error, clean the filter, hose, pipe, and sewage inlet. However, before initiating the process, disconnect the cord, unplugging the device. If any of the parts is damaged, consider replacing them.

Broken foaming sensor

Does error code 5d appear when washing without powder, and at any stage of any mode? This shows that you need to examine the foaming sensor, which could fail. Unscrew and replace it.

Damaged pressure switch

In the case of a damaged pressure switch, the washer will refuse to work immediately after switching on the selected mode, and in other cases, the mode starts but cannot be completed. This can be resolved by testing with a multimeter to detect a malfunction and its elimination. In extreme cases – reinstall the pressure switch. To get to it, interrupt the washing, take out the laundry, and unplug the equipment.

Defect of the control board appeared

If the error still appears, check the central module. Examine it using a multimeter and if damaged, solder, twist or replace some of its components as necessary.