Samsung Tv Error Code 102

Samsung TV Error Code 102

Smart TVs have additional software and due to this, they may be prone to technical errors. The malfunctions are identified by codes, common among them error code 102 which implies that wireless internet-connection is unavailable.

Error 102: description

It arises if the TV cannot connect to the server hub and therefore services such as IPTV, widget, among others are unavailable. In some TV models, the error code is shown together with indicators such as ‘network disturbance’. In others, Subnet mask, gateway, IP address fields will be missing in the settings.

Before starting to inspect error 102, check how the TV works in a new access point. If the error still appears in the new network, disconnect the TV from mains and switch it on after 15 minutes. If the error disappears, then it was a software failure that is resolved by driver re-installation.

Possible reasons

The error is mostly caused by misconnection with the provider driver and this can only be solved by the service providers. If it’s a WIFI problem, then follow other instructions.

Router problems

The error 102 can also be triggered by the router when connecting to another access point. It can be resolved by resetting the error and then updating the software.

What can be done else?

  • Reboot the router.
  • Check whether the TV adapter and the router are compatible and if there is a conflict remove the encoding.
  • Enable DHCP protocol for the automatic reception of the required parameters.
  • Turn the frequency from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz or vice versa.
  • Deny the access control that prohibits the device MAC address.

Smart Hub server failure

The server may be overloaded and therefore a technical failure occurs. In this case, the error will reset itself. The manual setting of the DNS server can also resolve the issue.

Outdated Baseband version

If the version is outdated, you may need an external USB drive or LAN cable for wireless connection. After these devices are in place, enter the menu, select Software update in the support section, and find Online update. Download a new baseband from the Samsung official website into the flash drive and install it in a PC. Then connect it to the TV and in “Software update” window press “Update from USB”. After this, the device will restart and the error will disappear automatically.

The error could also be due to the wrong settings. To resolve the issue, reset the TV to factory setting. The default pin is four zeros.