Samsung Tv Error Code 012

Samsung TV Error Code 012

Smart TVs allow access to sites such as YouTube, Browsers, among other media. At a time, the software stops working and when you want to access the content, error code 012 appears.

Error 012: description

The error code is displayed when you attempt to update, install, or run an app and due to network problems, the device cannot access the smart hub server, and therefore the app malfunctions.

The error can be due to external factors. To check this, disconnect the TV and the router from power for about 10-15 minutes and ensure the internet connection is stable before restarting them.

012 error causes

If restarting does not eradicate the error code, then there could be an error either in the settings, software, or the baseband.

Failure of a certain app

If only one or a few apps are not working, then try to reinstall them. This can be done on N, Q, K, M, J, and LS models issued after 2015. To do this,

  • select the app in the Apps section;
  • Press and hold the “Tools” button until the menu appears;
  • press “Reinstall”.

DNS problems

It can also be due to a DNS problem. To fix the error, change the TV DNS address using the procedure below: the 012 error may be related to Domain name server provider. for fixing it change the DNS address of the TV:

  • open the settings;
  • open “Network” (from “General settings” item or Menu);
  • select “IP settings” in “Network status” section;
  • enter “DNS settings”;
  • enter the Google DNS address in the field ( or;
  • accept the changes (“Done” – “Back” – OK);
  • reboot the TV and check whether 012 error code still appears when the apps are opened.

Wrong TV settings

If the error still appears, you can consider resetting the TV to factory settings. However, ensure that your TV model is certified for your country as it could also be the cause of the error.

There is a different reset formula for each series and this can be clarified from the manufacturer’s website. However, there is another option for resetting called deep reset. To do it:

  • Press and hold the power button;
  • wait till the device restarts.
  • Press the power button on the remote controller within 10 s and hold it until the TV restarts.

Poor baseband

The apps may also fail to function due to baseband. In this case, the device has to be flashed. To do this, go to Menu, Support, Software update, Online. run or update due to the baseband.

If the TV cannot connect to the Samsung server or find the required file:

  • download the latest baseband required for your TV model;
  • extract it on the flash drive;
  • connect the USB flash drive to the TV;
  • enter “Menu” – “Support” “Software update”.
  • press “USB update”.

After this, wait for the process to be completed and the TV will restart automatically, and the error also disappears.