Samsung Oven Se Error Code

Samsung Oven SE Error Code

The error code SE in a Samsung oven denotes a keypad error. It can occur at any cooking stage, making the oven non-responsive to adjustments in the control panel.

What causes the error code SE?

Sticky keys

Any sticky key in the control panel will make the rest of the keys non-responsive. This can result from pressing the keys with extra force than recommended, or weeping of glue from the double-sided tape holding the control panel and the switchboard in position.

Faulty switchboard/sensor module

The switchboard detects the information when you press the control buttons/ keys and relays it to the central electronic unit; which then initiates the execution of the instructions from the control panel. The sensor module may, however, short in case any accumulated moisture comes in contact with an electric current. When faulty, it will not respond to button presses.

Frayed wire harness

The wire connection from the control panel to the switchboard could be damaged. Similarly, the wire connection from the switchboard to the central electronic unit could also be loose or damaged due to oxidation. Therefore, the error code will pop-up if there is a lack of continuity in wire connection, and adjusting the keys won’t affect the performance of the oven.

Errors in the central electronic module

Any defect in the control module can affect the working of the entire oven, including the control panel. The error could result in a blowout of any element linking to the switchboard or the control panel.

Fixing the error code

Reset the machine by unplugging it from power and restart it after 10 seconds. (De-energizing the device will clear the error if it emanates from a slight error in the machine, such as surge or drop in the current flow).

If the error persists, check whether there is any sticky key/s on the control panel. If any,

  • unplug the device from power
  • Unscrew the top cover and then disconnect all wire connections to the control panel
  • Remove the control panel assembly and carefully assess any sticky keys. You can also inspect it for any signs of glue on the keypad
  • Replace the keypads if any is defective
  • Use a multimeter to test the sensor module and the wire harness to ensure continuity
  • Replace the sensor if defective.
  • Assemble the oven and restart it to see if the error reappears

Fix the control module

Persistence of the error code may imply a problem in the central electronic module

  • Remove the module and test the resistance of its various elements using a multimeter
  • Repair the defects and refit it to the device
  • Restart the oven and enjoy your cooking