Samsung Microwave Se Error Code

Samsung Microwave SE Error Code

The display of the error code SE on a Samsung microwave indicates an error in the keypads. Once it appears, the error code makes the microwave non-responsive to button presses. It may occur at any stage of the cooking cycle. The error code may also appear as 5E in some models.

What causes the error code SE

Sticky keys

Sometimes the manufacturer may use the double-sided tape to mount the control panel, the switchboard, or any other component in the microwave. As the microwave gains heat, glue in the tape might weep into either the touchpad or within the control buttons, making them sticky. The buttons o the control panel will not work if any of them is stuck.

Defective sensor module

The sensor module is composed of two flexible layers-a conductive inner layers and a bubble layer in between. The buttons, on the other hand, consist of a flexible membrane on the top. So, when you press the button, the flexible membrane on the button presses the bubble layer to close the electric current by pressing the conductive layer. The conductive layer relays the information to the control module. The sensor’s conductive layer may, however, be shot in case there is a sudden change in the current flow due to power surges from the main grid. A defective sensor module will not respond to button presses hence the error code.

Lack of continuity in wire connection

The wire connections connecting the keypads and the sensor module could be damaged. Further, the wire harness from the sensor module to the central electronic module could be loose or damaged. The electronic module detects an error in the flow of current and displays the error code.

Errors in the central electronic module

Some elements of the electronic module linking to the sensor module could have blown out this interfering with the working of the control panel buttons. The electronic module would, therefore, not initiate the adjustments triggered when you press the control buttons.

How do you fix the error code?

Reset the machine

Some times the keypad error mighty emanate by failure in the operating system that could prevent the flow of power to the sensor module. Resetting the machine would clear the error.

Fix the sensor module

  • Open the top panel and inspect the wire connections to the control panel
  • If there is continuity, check the button ends to ensure that each has the flexible membrane on its top.
  • Remove the sensor module and detach the bubble layer from the conductive layer.
  • Use a multimeter to test the conductive layer and replace it if defective.
  • Refit the sensor module and assemble the machine
  • Restart the machine to clear the error.
  • If the error persists, you may need the help of an expert to repair or replace the central electronic module.

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