How To Replace Brushes In Bosch Washer


Over time, the Bosch washer might fail due to the worn-out of the electric motor brushes. To repair these brushes, it will usually take time and caution should be maintained throughout the process.

Causes and signs for a malfunction

The voltage that drives the washer engine is transmitted to rotor windings through the motor brushers. These brushes also protect the motor from damages. However, they erase quickly and may require regular replacements.

Symptoms of a failure

Most modern Bosch washers display faults related to brushes as E02 error. For other appliances without the self-diagnostic system, brush-related defects are characterized by; burning smell, noise and crackle sound, failure to gain the required speed, or interrupted washing cycles.

If your brushes are worn out, and you want to replace them, ensure you acquire those that match your washer model. It is advisable to take and show sellers the old brushes.

How to remove and replace the brushes in Bosch washing machines.

To prepare your washer for repair, detach it from its mains and then pull out the intake hose and drain water from it. Afterwards, unscrew the drain filter behind the hatch, remove it and pour water there into a basin.

After draining the water, you can start removing the engine. To do this, remove screws, belts and bolts around the back cover, the motor, and the engine itself. Ensure to take note of the wiring around the engine as they will helpful for further connections. Once this is done, proceed to remove the motor from the appliance.

Brushes replacement

What is the exact location of brushes in washing device? You will find them on the sides of the motor housing. At times, you may find some graphite dust on the cover of the machine, but it not a big issue as graphite are the main component in the manufacture of these brushes.

  1. Once you locate the brushes, detach the wire terminal and then press on the contact and lower it as you click. Remove the edge of its spring, and the brushes take out.
  2. To fit new ones, place them in the socket and connect the wire. It remains to mount the motor in place to grind the motor brushes properly.
  3. For the brushes to grind properly, start the washing cycle by choosing an extended mode. Also, you don’t have to put a drive belt. You can start the period in a test mode.
  4. After replacing it, you may hear some sounds, but it shouldn’t worry you as its to end soonest possible.

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