Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 5e

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 5E

Sometimes, a user may receive an error code 5E, which flashes after the Samsung refrigerator is powered on. There may be a lot of ice accumulated on the refrigerator’s wall, which prevents the work of the fan. This means that the no-frost system is defective.

Causes of 5E error code

This error is a sign of the fault defrost sensor. This component acts as a switch between the timer and the heater. When the temperature falls to a given point, its connection close, and the heater transmits electrical energy through them. When the link opens, the heater stops, and the timer starts the defrost countdown. However, if the sensor fails to operate correctly, automation immediately signals an issue.

5E error is associated with?

Damage of the defrost sensor leads to several breakdowns including:

  • Ice clogs the airflow and averts the fan. Due to this, some walls may be warm, while others may be frostbitten. Hence, the error code appears together with the 22E error code.
  • The refrigerator is not powered on. This error occurs when the sensor does not interfere with the defrost mode, and the temperature in the chamber increases. Contrarily, the device is not powered on if a thick layer of ice prevents the operation of the unit. This fault is due to the malfunctioning of the heater.

Ways of solving the issue by yourself

There are two major troubleshooting options:

  • Restart the refrigerator by disconnecting the cord for like 10-15 minutes
  • Reset error 5E manually at the same time pressing the power freeze and power cool keys (on the upper right and left of the control panel) for ten seconds.

Cardinal actions

This error in a Samsung refrigerator can be a sign of the defrost sensor damage and the malfunction of the components linked to it.

Broken connections

The main reasons behind this are the short circuit, faultiness, or breakdown of the wiring that links the control module. To identify a failure, test the circuit using a multimeter. Examine the condition of the contacts, and they could get loose if the refrigerator were moved from one area to another. Hence try to fix the contact components, solder the weak points, or repair them with twisting or insulation.

Faulty defrost sensor

The only right decision is to replace the faulty sensor by:

  • Pulling out the back cover of the unit
  • Detaching the old sensors and installing new ones
  • Attach the cover back
  • Faulty control module

Mostly happens after a power surge. You should insect the microcircuit chip and repair the part through soldering.