Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 5 E

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 5 E

Error 5E implies a fault of the defrost sensor, an element that acts as a switch between the heater and the timer. Whenever the temperature drops below certain levels, its contact close, and the heater transmits voltage through them. After this, they open, the heater stops and the timer starts the countdown for defrosting. However, the sensor is faulty, automation signals a failure.

What is error 5E accompanied by?

Failure in the systems defrosting sensor leads to several other faults. The ice blocks airflow and prevents the fan and as a result, some walls may be frostbitten, while others are warmed therefore causing error code 22E and 5E.

It could also lead to temperature rise in the chamber if the sensor does not interrupt the defrost mode, or also lead to the formation of a thick layer of ice which in turn affects system operation because the heater is dysfunctional.

How to solve the problem independently?

The error can be resolved in two ways;

  • reboot the refrigerator by disconnecting it from the mains for 10 – 15 minutes;
  • reset 5E manually by holding down the Power cool button and Power freeze buttons simultaneously for 10-15 seconds.

However, note that these approaches will be effective if the failure is on the mainboard. Otherwise, proceed to the other measures.

Cardinal actions

Error code 5E not only indicates faults in the defrost sensor but can imply failure in other associated elements.

Broken contacts

The reasons for this could be broken or damaged wiring, especially those leading to the control board, a short circuit. To detect the fault, test the circuit using a multimeter. Check the wiring also as they could be faulty id the refrigerator was moved from its place. Solder or twist broke wires, or replace them if necessary.

Broken defrost sensor

Error 5E most often appears precisely because of its fault. The only right decision is to replace the defective part. For this:

Error code 5E will appear if the defrost sensor is faulty and replacing it could be the only viable option. To do this,

  • unplug the back panel of the dishwasher;
  • remove the old sensor and install a new one;
  • Fix the panel at its place.

You can also normalize the situation by melting. If there is a lot of ice in the chamber, remove it by melting using a hairdryer. But before doing this, reset and restart the device.

Damaged control module

After a power surge, the control module could be damaged resulting in the error code 5E. In this case, check the microcircuit chip for any burned element, blackened chains, or other faults. If any, restore it by soldering but if the damage is big, replace the damaged elements.