Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 22 E

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 22 E

Meaning of error code 22 E

The error mentioned above indicates the problem with the fun or the evaporator blower. As a result, the machine would be underperforming. Generally, the error appears during self-diagnosis, especially when the switch is on or when restarting the control unit. In case a failure is detected, the 22E error code would appear on display.

What to do first of all?

After resetting the machine, the 22E error would disappear. To achieve this, press the right and left button on display and hold them for 8-10s. If the uneven cooling is no longer persisting, return the cipher designation to make sure there is a failure of the blower. Here, an individual should hold the power freeze lighting button for 8 to 10 seconds again. This would make the module to beep continuously and eventually show the 22E error code for approximately one minute. The freezer and the engine temperature would then be displayed once more.

Reasons and solutions

Blade lock

This is caused by two factors, mainly; ice pieces and stuck dirt or debris. To solve this, inspect the fun and clean the proximal areas with a flow of hot hair. Furthermore, clean the debris and deposits which could have been accumulated in the blades. You can now switch on the machine and give it a minimum of 10 minutes to restart fully.

Water stagnation in the drainage

A clogged drainage system is also capable of causing a 22E error. The clogging is caused by the accumulation of the moisture that gets absorbed by the fun hence causing fun freezing. Idle run buzz and heavy murmur are the main signs of the failure. Some of the recommended ways of solving this problem are defrosting, cleaning the discharge hole, and installing a water flow control system on the evaporator.

The vent hole is clogged

The improper airflow system is the leading cause of this condition. Basically, the build-up of the ice that clogs the vent damper causes a 22E error code. The following is the procedural approach to solving this problem

  • Switch the fridge off
  • Inspect air cooling system duct
  • Remove the clogging

It is also important to check the temperature settings. There could be a possibility of setting the controller to the maximum. This causes the absorption of too much air that would otherwise make the ice to build-up. The main way of reducing this problem is by reducing the freezing temperature.

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