Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes 88

Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes 88

After seeing the error code 88 both on the right and left screens of the Samsung refrigerator, you should understand that anything is expected. Though the inspection may show that elements and sensors are working correctly, the machine ceases to maintain the right temperature and operates inconsistently.

Causes of error 88

Instant power on and off may be the leading cause of this error. It is found mainly in the inverter refrigerators as they are unstable to voltage disparities such as unexpected power spikes, discontinuous power supply, short circuits, and power outages. All this prompts error 88.

Usually, the error is displayed in the form of pairwise presented digits 88. The last eight can flash in the range of 8 to 3, displaying 83, 85, 86, and 88. This error depends on the form of secondary damage, what exactly was disrupted in the unit due to voltage discrepancies.

Error 88 is connected to?

This fault is connected to the operation of the control board, which, when automatically examined, does not receive signals from the other microcircuits. It shows the first stage of element diagnostics since the central module is unable to inspect the system after an emergency power on or off. This means the refrigerator always returns to the beginning of test mode due to the inability to complete it.

Ways of eliminating the issues at home

There are three major types of solutions to eliminate the error code 88 in Samsung refrigerator. They include:

  • To leave the element for self-stabilization of the panels is to switch it on without touching anything. It will only take several hours.
  • To disconnect the cord from the outlet for about one to five minutes, then turn it on again to allow the diagnostic system to inspect the different sensors and subunits. This kind of solution will assist in clearing the wrong settings, and error 88 will be eliminated.

If the two methods fail to work, you can restart the Samsung refrigerator forcibly.

Professional resolve

If you have carried out the actions as mentioned above and the error 88 in the refrigerator persists, then the issue is in the central panel. It could be severely damaged by an unexpected power outage, excessive peak currents, or burned out elements due to short circuit in the connection.

Since this component controls the functionality of all electronic elements and power panels, it must be replaced. The specialist will, therefore, remove the faulty board and install a new one.