Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 40 E

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 40 E

There are times when the refrigerator may seem to be working as expected, but the ice generator may not be working. This issue may result in an error code 40E in a Samsung refrigerator. There are several explanations for this occurrence.

The 40E error is associated with?

The 40E error takes place inside by side models. It is prompted by a breakdown of the ice device fan since such a system is fitted out with air cooling. Typically, the cooler takes off heat from the refrigerant pipes and fails to allow the unit to break from overheating.

If error 40E flashes on the screen, the cause must be sought in the fan and the components linked to it. For instance, such a fault may be paired with:

  • 1E which shows a failure of the defrost sensor of the freezer
  • 21E which shows malfunction of the freezer cooler
  • 24E which shows improper defrosting of the freezer

Things to do

  • Remove food from the appliance
  • Pull out the inner cover of the back wall
  • Melt the accretion of ice with a hairdryer and wipe everything dry
  • Exchange the panel
  • Press the upper right and left keys on the dispenser
  • Hold the buttons simultaneously for at least ten seconds
  • This action will allow you to restart the machine and rest the error.
  • Cardinal solutions

The side-by-side refrigerator has a cooler behind the wall of the freezer that blows the pipes with the ice device’s refrigerant. A deicing unit is located nearby. Hence, if any element of this system fails, a chain reaction takes place. Thus, error code 40E is shown on the screen since the ice clogs the blades. However, the origins of the fault cannot be ruled out.

It would help if you fixed the following:

  • The faulty defrosting sensor
  • The seized impeller
  • The faulty fan motor
  • Faulty connections

Breakdown control board

All these actions mentioned above will assist in determining the exact status of the panel. If it does not transmit current to the ice device’s cooler, it will not operate properly. Additionally, due to its faultiness, the self-diagnosis system can present false codes. Hence, error code 40E in the Samsung refrigerator pops up without any reason. The only solution for this problem is to solder parts, repair tracks, or change the entire microcircuit chip.