Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 33 E

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 33 E

Although the unit operates in a regular function, the error code 33 usually pops up on the screen of a Samsung refrigerator. Several factors may be impacting the state of the individual components without violating the ordinary operation of the device.

The error 33 code

This code refers to the heater of the water intake tube of the ice machine. The heater is found on the side by the side of the refrigerator. The error appears as a result of:

  • Power failure mostly due to instant on & off or power surge
  • The physical effect due to dimples and violation of insulation
  • Manual movement or transporting of the unit from one place to the other

Thus, if the error pops up after relocating the device within the kitchen, look at the water inlet pipe to the ice pan.

Ways of resolving the issue independently

Once you reboot the electronic control band, the error 33 will disappear. To do this, it is essential to:

  • Plug the refrigerators into the power outlet
  • Locate energy saver and lighting buttons on the touch panel
  • Press the buttons simultaneously
  • Hold the keys for about 8-10 seconds

The refrigerator will return to its optimal state and will not display the error. However, if the error is still being displayed, it is time of severe actions to be taken.

Cardinal measures

They are essential when restarting the module fails to help, showing significant issues with the heater of the water supply pipe to the ice device.

The following are some of the reasons:

  • Faulty heating equipment

The thin wire around the inlet tube may be damaged as a result of transporting the device, which prompts significant issues. You can solve the error by fixing the ends firmly and installing the heat conductivity.

  • Floppy wiring

A multimeter, in this case, is essential to test the element for damages. With its help, the power supply circuit is checked, and damaged places are realized. It is advisable to reach out to a specialist who can do soldering or twist as well as insulate the wiring.

  • Burnt out the control board

During the sudden power surges, a burn out may happen. As such, the error 33 pops up due to the irreparable damage. The only way to solve this error is by replacing the microcircuit chip.

For this error to never appear again, you need to reach the filler pipe.