Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes 22 E

Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes 22 E

There are instances when you open your refrigerator and realize that one wall is warm while the other one is covered with ice. In Samsung refrigerator, this error code is 22E and pops up on display. The error is a sign that something is wrong with your fan. Before calling out a specialist, it is essential to take the device to the service centre or try fixing the malfunction yourself.

Meaning of 22E error code

This error is a fan fault, or in particular, it is a fault of the evaporator blower. This statement means that the apparatus is faulty and is, in fact, underperforming. This fault is displayed during the fridge self-diagnostics when switching on or restarting the control panel.

Resolution to the problem

You need to rest the appliance. 22E error will be eliminated if:

  • You press the left and right keys on the display
  • Hold the keys for 8-10 seconds

If the uneven cooling problem persists, you can return the cypher designation to make sure that there is a malfunction of the blower. For this, press the power freeze and lighting keys for 8-10s.

Causes and solutions

22E error code in a Samsung refrigerator is displayed in some cases connected to the fan work. First, provide access to the fan part and the surrounding elements. They are found on the internal back wall of the freezer. To access them, pull out the panel. For convenience, you can use a blow-dryer or a heat gun. This action helps to prevent the flopping of the plastic element, which is very flexible and would not break.

Blade lock

It can be caused by:

  • Ice pieces or accumulation
  • Debris or stuck dirt

To resolve this, you need to power off the fridge and clean the fan and the proximal part with a flow of hot air.

Stagnation of water

The error can occur due to clogging of the drainage. The moisture is accumulated and gets absorbed by the fan slowly hence causing freezing of the blade. You can defrost, clean the discharge hole, and install a water flow control system on the evaporator.

Blocked vent hole

The error is caused by ice-build up causes the clogging of the vent damper. To fix this issue, you need to:

  • Switch off the refrigerator
  • Look at the air cooling system duct
  • Pull out the clogging

Wiring discontinuity

If the fan cannot rotate, the 22E error may be displayed. Restore the circuit with solder or splice if the discontinuity is visible.

Other issues, such as the motor breakdown, circuit board malfunction, and melting system defect, should be examined to help eliminate the 22E error in a Samsung refrigerator.