No Water Drainage In Bosch Washer


Washer failure to drain water can be due to different causes and to repair it, you may have to check several parts to ascertain the fault.

It’s all a blockage

After finding fault in the drainage system, the first thing you should do is restart the device. If the error pops up, it implies that water is draining but at low speed and therefore it takes longer. It is because the device drainage system cannot filter water from the tank within the required time due to debris and other dirt. Besides, this could be the case due to clogged pump, clogging in the siphon, blockage in the trash can, sewage obstruction, and blockage in the pipe between the drum and the pump. Also, though in very instances, washers may fail to drain water because of a broken impeller.

The garbage filter could also be the cause of the blockage. To locate it quickly, it is a small hatch at the lower right corner of the washer which must be free from dirt for a more effortless flow of water. When opening most of these parts, be prepared to encounter some dirty water and after draining this water, clean and dry all of them using a fresh, soft piece of cloth. After clean and clearing all the clog in the siphon, the trash can, or in the pipe between the drum and the pump, switch on the water supply and check whether the problem is sorted. If the system still drains poorly, you can move further upwards and open the tap to take a look.

Additionally, you can consider checking the drain hose. If you go for the hose pipe, ensure you do it carefully to avoid interfering with the fittings. If its clogged, clean it with a lot of pressurized hot water and ensure to use a punch or a wire.

The pump is out of order

If the drain pump breaks, it can also lead to poor water drainage. In this case, water may be buzzing, but it does not pour. To locate the specific problem, check the pump`s coil using a multimeter and if it does not react, consider replacing it with a new one. However, if it reacts but it’s not operational, you can disassemble it and find the cause of the error, but it is still advisable to replace it.

Firmware problems

At other times, the machine may fail to drain dirty water or even spin even though the pump is functional and there are no blockages. If this is the case, it could be a firmware problem and it always advisable to entrust a specialist with this kind of faults.