Samsung Microwave Error Code Se

Samsung Microwave Error Code SE

What To Do If The Buttons Of Samsung SMH8165ST Microwave Have Stuck?

If this error code appears on the microwave screen, it is strongly prohibited to leave the microwave powered and unattended. The system can become self-activated, and this may cause a fire. If you cannot power it off, always leave the microwave door open. The SE error code cannot be reset by powering off partially. It will appear once again, and the problem with the control panel membrane will not be fixed.

5E Error and Sensor Panel Fix

Samsung microwave keypad consists of two films with lines and lands. The failure often occurs due to buttons sunken after pressing the membrane sensor, which contacts the other membrane even after the slightest vibration.

Before repairing the sensor panel, you need to unstick it from the microwave. After this divide it into layers. Inspect the films to make sure that their lines are in good condition. If one of them is damaged, this can be the problem. If all lines are integral, then contact closure is the problem. Perform the following actions as carefully as possible for preventing further damage to your microwave.

  • Stick some electrical tape on the inner side of the membrane along the buttons’ contour for increasing the area between the film and membrane and preventing unauthorized button sticking.
  • Join the two plates and connect them to the bus.
    • Stick the sensor back.
    • Assemble the microwave in reverse order.
    • Check the button performance.

If all buttons are working when pressed only and the SE error code does not appear on the Samsung microwave screen anymore, the sensor recovery operation has been completed successfully, and the microwave can be used further.

This way does not guarantee a long service life of the sensor control panel as the film will be pressed further. This will lead to its failure, and the SE error code will appear again.

In a real sense, it can be said that such manipulations allow fixing the problem for some time. If the microwave buttons are very worn-out, it is recommended to replace the sensor.

For buying a new sensor keypad find out the number of your microwave. It is printed on the equipment tally. The sticker can be inside the microwave or on the backside. Be sure not to confuse the model and code of the Samsung microwave.

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