Samsung Microwave Error Code E11

Samsung Microwave Error Code E11

A humidity sensor in a Samsung microwave helps in preventing the food from overdrying or from being undercooked. However, the application may become defective over time. When this happens, the device displays an error code E11 to alert you of an error in the moisture sensor. It may occur at any cooking stage, thus making the microwave ineffective.

What causes the error code?

The primary causes include:

Frayed wire harness

The wire connections from the central electronic module to the moisture sensor could be damaged or loose. The electronic module detects the lack of continuity in connection and sends the error code E11 on display.

Defective moisture sensor

The moisture sensor ensures that the food is not overcooked or undercooked by regulating the amount of moisture in the food. When defective, the electronic control module will detect an error in the flow of current to the application and display the error code.

Errors in the central electronic module

The electronic module coordinates the working of almost all components in the microwave. However, some of its elements linked to the humidity sensor may be defective, thus triggering the error code’s appearance.

Fixing the error code

Reset the machine

Resetting the machine will de-energize it and clear the error if a slight error, such as changes in the supply of power, triggered its appearance.

Replace the humidity sensor

If the error persists, it implies some other component could be defective. Disassemble the microwave to test the moisture sensor using the following procedure:

  • Disconnect the device from power
  • Unscrew the fasteners holding the top panel to remove it
  • Locate the humidity sensor. It is located at the top left corner of the upper panel
  • Inspect the wiring connections to the humidity sensor to ensure continuity in connection (you may need to use a multimeter)
  • Disconnect all the connections to the moisture sensor and then,
  • Remove the fasteners holding the humidity sensor in position to remove it
  • Use a multimeter to test the resistance of the smart moisture sensor
  • Replace it with a new one if it is defective
  • Fix the new humidity sensor to its home
  • Assemble the machine through the reverse process
  • Restart the microwave to see if the error clears

Fix the central electronic module

If the error code persists despite the above attempts, there could be an error in the central electronic module.

  • Use the instruction manual to locate the module.
  • Unscrew and remove the component for testing
  • Use an ohms meter to test the resistance of its various elements
  • Solder the defective elements and assemble the microwave
  • Restart the machine and enjoy tasty cooking.

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