Lg Washer Error Code Ue

LG washer error code UE

When your washing machine displays the error code UE, It signals you that it won’t spin due to an unbalanced load. The error code UE may pop up anytime during the washing cycle when an imbalance is detected on the load. The error code may, however, appear AS uE in the initial stages. A pop up of uE error implies that an imbalance has been triggered, and the machine is trying to adjust to its balanced position. If the machine fails to retain the balance, the error code uE advances to UE. This dual feature is, however, only available in modern LG machines. In the traditional LG washers, you will only see the single form of the error code ‘UE.’

What causes the error code?

  • Uneven distribution of the load-wrongly distributing the weights of the clothes may lead concentration of weight on one side resulting imbalance.
  • Wrong loading– when loading the drum, you should ensure that it has the optimal loading apart from balancing. Putting too little dry clothes, lightweight laundry, or even too heavy linen may result in imbalance.
  • System failure-sometimes the program responsible for maintaining the balance of the load may fail to respond, leading to imbalance.
  • Poor leveling-when installing the machine, correct adjustments need to be done on the legs to keep the machine balanced. Poor leveling will make the washer shaky during the spins, and this will not only cause the error code UE but also break the machine.
  • Wear and tear– due to the day to day usage of the machine, some of its parts like the damper shocks and the suspension spring may become weak or even break with time, thus causing an imbalance.

Fixing the error code UE

Adjusting the weight distribution-You can open the tank and distribute the laundry evenly,  add more laundry to avoid the flipping of the few clothes to one side, or even reduce too heavy materials that would otherwise break the washer.

Level the stands-if the load is balanced, and the error persists, there could be a problem in the legs. Rotate the lock nut holding each leg clockwise to lower the leg or anticlockwise to raise the leg. Ensure the levelness of the washer from side to side or back to front using the bubble level.

Inspect and repair the broken parts– if the above solutions won’t help, detach the washer and open its top to access the damper shocks and the suspension springs for replacement.

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