Lg Washer Error Code Te

LG Washer Error Code TE – Learn How To Fix It

A display of error code TE on your LG washing machine should not bar you from performing your washing operations. Your only limitation, however, is that you can’t perform washing operations for clothes/ materials that require warm water. The error code TE signals you of an underlying problem in the heating system of the washer. Two main components may cause the error code TE, which the defective heating element and a faulty drum thermistor. Other error code TE causes include the defective wiring harness and issues in the control module. You need to clean, examine, repair, or replace these components if necessary, to maintain the effectiveness of your LG washer.

However, before you disassemble the washer components to the repairs and replacements, you can follow the following troubleshooting procedure, which can help in fixing the error.

Troubleshooting the error code TE

  • Unplug the LG washer from power and allow it to DE energize for 30 seconds.
  • Reconnect it and put it to life by pressing the power button
  • Switch the LG machine to “NO SPIN” mode by holding down the spin button
  • Confirm that the washer has completely drained the water and restart the washing process.
  • This may refresh the washing machine and do away with the error code TE.
  • If the troubleshooting does not help, the next step is now testing the drum thermistor and the heating elements.

Fixing the error code TE

Since both the drum thermistor and the heating element may have loose wires, we shall also look at how to test loose wires in addition to testing the main components.

Detecting issues in a thermistor

To check errors in a thermistor, you need to start by checking whether any loose wires are connecting to and from it and reconnect them firmly. Then, restart the washer to test whether poor wiring was the issue. If the error code TE doesn’t clear, carry out a proper resistance measurement of the thermistor using Ohms meter. A standard thermistor should have a resistance of around 40000 Ohms at 85F; otherwise, it is faulty and needs a replacement. Ensure you test to affirm whether the defective thermistor was the cause of the error code.

Detecting issues in the heating elements

Testing heating elements and is the final option to clearing the error code TE.

Just like a thermistor, a heating element may have some loose wires which may need to be strengthened. If this does not clear the error, you should use the multimeter to test whether the element is in good condition. If faulty, replace it with a new one.

Kindly note: make sure you unplug the washer from the power every time you perform testing.