Lg Washer Error Code Pf

LG Washer Error Code PF – How To Solve and It’s Cause

Whenever your electrical washing machine stops its washing cycle and displays the error code PF, it is merely signaling you of a problem in the power supply system. This could be an issue in the electrical power supply or with your washer.

LG washer error code PF

Causes of the error code PF

The error code PF may be caused by

  1. Power outages– the abrupt loss of electric power causes the central control unit to send a signal to the display inform of an error code PF. The control unit would also detect and send an error signal the activity of any buttons pressed in less than 10 seconds delay interval while booting.
  2. Power surges- when the voltage rises or drops rapidly, the central control unit senses the irregular power supply, and the washing machine may go off and send you a signal through the display inform of error PF.
  3. Poor installations-poor installations of the components may lead to poor wiring. There is thus the possibility of having loose wires, incorrect wire harnessing, or broken codes, thus prompting the control unit to send the error message.

Troubleshooting the error code PF

Although it’s not easy to detect the cause of the power issues in the washer, you should not rush to disassembling the machine. Instead, try to reset the washing cycle first to see if the error was caused by an issue in the central control unit.

To reset the washing machine, you must first unplug it from power and then reconnect it after 15 to 30 seconds. If the error clears after restarting the washing cycle, then it was caused by a slight failure of the central control unit. If it persists, you need to inspect and correct the external power connections. This includes testing the power supply mains. A slight variation in the regular power supply can as well be the cause of the error. After confirming that the external electrical connections are working well, you can proceed to disassemble the machine.

Fixing the inner power supply (the machine)

First, de-energize the machine for around 15 minutes, and then remove the back cover to access the inner parts. Since you don’t know the main cause, you have to disconnect and test various components such as the filter, the electrical circuit wires, heating elements, etc. to detect the faulty ones. After detecting the faulty parts, you need to repair or replace them. Since inspection and repair of the operating system of the washer are not easy, it is advised that you seek the help of a professional service provider to avoid further damage to the washer.

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