Lg Washer Error Code Oe

LG washer error code OE – Causes and Solution

Your washing machine can be inconveniencing if you had a fixed schedule, and it stops in the middle of the washing cycle with a screen display of OE error. With the error, you have to postpone your washing session to an undetermined time when you will have repaired the drain system.  The error code OE notifies you of a problem in the drain system. The error can also pop-up during the rinsing stage.  If you don’t hear the humming sound, then you need to check the connectivity of the pressure pump to the central control unit. You must, however, replace your pressure pump needs if there is continuity in the wiring.

Causes of the error code OE

Blockage in the drain hose- an accumulation of hard water may clog the hose pipes for draining used water, gunk remains, and other unwanted substances, thus limiting or stopping the flow.

Failure of the system- the operating system of the washing machine may fail to initiate the drain/spin cycle well due to problems in the central control unit, thus resulting in poor drainage.

Broken drainage pump-the drainage pump propels the used water through the drainage hose pipes to the sewage. If faulty, the drainage system may be very sluggish or even stop at all.

Wire connection errors- loosened wire harness in the central control unit may make the engagement of the drain system hard, leading to blockage.


Since a slight error in the central control unit may cause the error code OE to appear, you should first reset the machine to clear the error. So, start by de-energizing the washing machine for a minute, and then reconnect it. Press the power button to awaken the machine then start the washing cycle too. If the error persists, proceed to inspect the drain hose.

Fixing the drain hose

Inspect the drain hose for and clogs and kinks. Unscrew it for straightening and unclogging. To remove the clogs, you need a long stick or metal, or a plumbing stick to unclog the hose pipe. If you cannot detach the drain hose for unclogging, you can apply the hottest mode of your washing machine to unclog the pipe. You, however, need to carry out a sole spin cycle to test the pressure pump and the drain system

Testing the pressure pump

First, start your washing machine and set the highest spinning speed by holding the spinning button.  Then, use the start/pause option to commence the spin process. Now listen for a humming sound, which signifies the working of the pressure motor.

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