Lg Washer Error Code De

LG washer error code DE – Cause and Troubleshooting

A pop up of the error code DE on your LG washing machine signals you that the door is not able to close your washing machine properly. The error may appear during the washing, spinning, or rinsing cycles. You will get the error code DE signal through a simultaneous red blinking of the wash, temperature, and the rinse indicators if you own one of the older LG machines having no display screen.

What could be the cause?

The error could result from several reasons which include

  • Poor door installation leading to misalignment
  • Improper closure of the door
  • Defects on the machine’s door latch
  • The actuator for the locking system of the lid is not responding


Before going into the deeper side of fixing the machine, you can try to clear the error manually. First, you need power the washer off and unplug it from power. Proceed by pressing the power button for about 10 to 12 seconds and then reconnect the washing machine to power. Also, use the starter button to switch the washer on to test the door. You should, however, ensure that the door latches while doing the tests. Start any washing cycle to see whether the error code clears.

  1. If the error persists, use the following guidelines to remove the error
  2. If the latch on the door has defects and can’t lock the door after closing, have it replaced. Replace also the lock assembly if the machine still displays the error code when locked.
  3. Further, ensure that you replace the broken handles and install new hinges since you can’t adjust old ones.
  4. If inspecting and correcting the status of the external components of the door won’t clear the error, you need to check the control unit.

Fixing the control unit

There could be a problem with the central control unit if the error code pops up in the middle of the washing operation, coupled with a burning smell. A defective control unit won’t initiate the effective operation of the locking system.

Use the following procedure to access the control unit

First, unscrew the cover of the panel and proceed to detach the control module. After disconnecting the control unit, you will notice it has two parts- the larger and the smaller boards. Use the smaller one to test for any defects. Ensure that you check all connections to the control unit for continuity, inspect the elements for replacement. You may as well consider replacing the control unit for excellent services in the future. Repairing damage on the control panel could clear the error if the other fixtures have failed.

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