Lg Washer Error Code Ce

LG washer error code CE

Your washing machine may come to an expected halt soon after starting, in the middle of the cleaning cycle, or at the end and display an error code CE. The LG washer is integrated with overload protectors, which break the flow of current to protect the machine from exhaustion. You should, therefore, perceive the error code CE as an added advantage since the machine uses the error to notify you when you load it beyond its capacity. The error code CE, therefore, signals you of any issue related to current error. A faulty motor and an error in the power control board are the leading causes of error code CE. It may also be caused by loose wires or faulty wire harness. When displayed, you should examine these components to replace the faulty ones or reduce the load to maintain the machine in good working order.

Troubleshooting the error code CE

  • De-energize the washer for around 30 seconds to refresh the motherboard.
  • Reconnect the washer and start it to conduct a test cycle
  • If the error code CE persists, it signals of a possibility of over electric current on the motor, which comes from a poor wiring connection, ground faults, short circuit, or power surge. You need to try the following options to fix it.

Fixing the error code CE

Check the wiring

You need to disconnect the LG washer from the power source prior to assessing the wiring.

Proceed to inspect every connection at the motherboard and resecure the loose ones or replace the damaged ones.

After ensuring the wires are securely connected, test the washer to see if that was the main cause of the error code CE.

Proceed to test the motor if the wiring option failed to clear the code.

Testing the motor

You will need an Ohms meter to assess the working status of the motor. You will have to replace it if faulty. You, however, have to test the main circuit board if you find the motor in good working condition.

Examining the main circuit board

The ohms meter is also ideal for testing the circuit board. Replace it if faulty. To replace the main circuit control board, disconnect the washer from power, then open the top of the control panel by pulling it upwards and backward. Detach the main panel from the display panel to remove it. Attach the new circuit control board to the display board and close the panel through the reverse process.

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