Lg Washer Dryer Error Code Dhe


You can use your LG washing machine to wash different types of laundry instantly. However, your enjoyment of the device may be halted by the display of the error code DHE. The appearance of such an error signals you of a problem in the heating and drying system. As a result, the device shuts down before the completion of the drying cycle. You, therefore, need to identify and solve the underlying issue to clear the error code.

What causes the error code?

The problem could emanate from the following culprits:

Clogged duct

The duct may block due to the accumulation of dust, lint, and other debris. Such clogging, if left uncleaned, may overload the heating element and cause the fuse blowout, thus cutting out power continuity to the heater. The central control board detects the problem in connectivity and sends the error code.

A defective fan

The dryers could have a defective part, such as the impeller, the fan motor, the drive belt, lack of continuity in connection, and so on. A faulty fan can generate little or no air for the effective execution of the drying tasks.

Poor usage practice

Your device can signal you of an error if your settings (temperature, fabric type, and time settings) do not match with the kind of load. For instance, cleaning too many clothes may cause dryer problems such as over delay.

Faulty heating element

The heating element may blowout or become ineffective due to wear and tear, overload, or due to the scaling of mineral deposits. It will, therefore, produce an insufficient heat for drying the laundry.

Fixing the error code DHE

First, ensure that the machine’s settings correspond to the type of laundry in the drum and then reset it (resetting the device can clear the error code if it emanated from a slight error in the control module). If the error persists, disassemble the machine to inspect and remove any accumulation in the air ducts.

Replacing the heating element

Replacing Heating Element
Replacing Heating Element

If the above attempts don’t clear the error code, unscrew and remove the heating element (usually attached with the heat sensor). Use a multimeter to test the resistance of the temperature sensor and the element. Replace them if they are defective.

Fan debugging

The dryer’s fan is composed of various parts, such as the fan’s motor, the belt, and so on. You need to inspect all its parts and ensure that they are in an excellent working condition.

Fan Debugging
Fan Debugging

Fixing the control module

The control module coordinates all electrical connections in the device. However, it should be the last culprit to be examined for any defects if all the other possible parts are in working order. You need a multimeter to test the wiring and its elements for repair and replacement of any defects.

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