Lg Washer Code Error Le

LG Washer Code Error LE

You must be worried that your machine does not spin the drum after setting it on power but instead displays the error code LE.  The error code on display is communicating to you that the motor in the machine is locked, which is possibly caused by overloading the machine. The error can happen anytime during the washing cycle.

The error code LE almost takes after the error code IE, which signifies a lack of water supply. Since you can easily confuse the two errors, we have differentiated the two diagrammatically for your easy understanding.

Lg Washer Error Code Le And 1e
Lg Washer Error Code Le And 1e

What could be the cause of the error?

Apart from overloading the washing machine, several other factors account for the motor failure. The factors include:

Faulty tachogenerator-this is the component responsible for the regulation of the engine speed. Its failure can easily be detected since it sounds louder when faulty and does not impact rotational force on the drums.

Torn control unit-the control unit coordinates all the working components of the washing machine. A slight defect on the unit may, therefore, paralyze the operation of different parts, including the motor. Thus the error code LE may imply several components are faulty in addition to the motor.

Errors in motor winding- This is the leading cause of the error code LE. If the motor defective or has loose/damaged connections to the control unit, it won’t start but, instead, send an error signal on the screen.

Door defects-An error code would always pop up if the door can’t close due to defects such as broken locks and handles.

Troubleshooting the error code

You first need to try clearing the error manually. Follow the following steps:

Switch off the washing machine and unplug it from the main supply. While out of power, press and hold the power button for 4 to 6 minutes. And then reconnect the washer to the power supply. If the error does not clear on powering the machine, then open the washing machine and reduce the amount of load (laundry).

If lowering the load fails to clear the error, you need to disassemble the machine to test and fix the inner parts.

Testing the tachogenerator and the motor

After opening the cabinet, use the multimeter to test whether the multimeter and the motor. Also, check whether there are wire harnessing issues. Testing and repairing the two components should clear the error.

Testing the control unit

If the error persists, inspect the control unit for defects and loose connections leading to the motor. Replacing the control unit will clear the error.

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