Lg Washer Error Code Ae

LG Washer Code Error AE – Troubleshooting and Fixing

A display of error code AE in your front load washing machine signals a leakage somewhere in the washer. Learn more on how you can solve this problem by reading this what article.

Common causes of the error code AE

Overloading the washer-loading too many clothes on the washer will result in leaking as the spin cycle takes effect.

  • Overworking the spray function of the washer-if your washing machine has an integrated spray function for rinsing, using it beyond the recommended duration may lead to leakage.
  • Poor installations-poorly installing some components of the washer, such as the pipes and hoses, can result in a leakage.
  • Poor maintenance- lack of regular inspection may lead to the presence of old pipes, hoses, and other old components that are prone to damage. Guess you know how hard it is to attach old components like pipes without causing leakage.
  • Clogged drains-if your washers drain pipes have hard water and coating from other debris. It could be the cause of the pooling.
  • Oversudsing- if your washing soap produces a lot of foam, it may rapidly overflow, leading to leaks.
  • Damaged internal hoses- torn internal hoses may be the root of the internal leakage in your LG washer.
  • Hole in the water pump- a holed water pump may be the reason for leakage beneath your washer.

The above causes of leakage may all trigger the display of the error code AE.


You can confirm manually check and fix the external components of the washing machine if they are loose then restart the machine to see if the error clears. If this does not help, inspect, and repair the internal hoses and the water pump.

Fixing the internal hose

Open the washing machines panel to access the internal hose pipes. Then, identify the old, rusty and ripped hose pipes. Ensure you replace the above-unwanted pipes with new ones; otherwise, they will cause leakage. Test to see if the error has cleared.

Fixing the internal water pump

If the above fixations didn’t work, you can proceed to inspect the pump. It may show signs of leakage by the presence of rust.  Since it is connected to the hose pipes, you can do a dual inspection of the two, so you don’t have to open the cabinet again. Detach all the hose pipes and replace the pump with a new one.

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