Whirlpool Dishwasher Error Codes

Whirlpool Dishwasher Error Codes

Should you be perplexed when whirlpool error codes appear on your dishwasher display? Well, when you see these codes, it implies the kind of errors observed by the appliance’s self-diagnosis system. Usually, a particular code signifies a certain fault. In the case where the error code is well obscured, it is possible to evaluate the cause of the issue and fix it without the need of a professional.

Error diagnosis features

The prime self-diagnosis features of the whirlpool appliances mean that no single error code possesses clear decryption. Simply put, the code can’t give a crystal clear reason for a specific fault. It solely gives a clue of the likely issues that one should focus on. For instance, the case of E5 shows that;

  • The appliance doesn’t allow water in
  • System low head pressure
  • A possible clog
  • Broken inlet valve

In other words, the extent of the issue shown by this error code is somehow wide. So it requires a lot of time to figure out a solid reason for the breakdown and fit it. That said, despite having a comprehensive interpretation of every code, there is no assurance that the fixing method you choose will work 100%. However, in some cases, your interpretation might be right.

E Errors

How do you interpret the codes? Basically, you can consider following our next algorithm to describe the diagnosis system. First, we will give the error code, its summary, and why it occurs. After that, we will give some solutions to fixing the errors.


When E1 shows on the displays, you need to know that the system accountable for securing the appliance from leakage has sent a signal. To handle this, consider checking the salt container, washing chamber bottom, and perhaps the nozzles for the leakage.


This code appears when the electrical safety systems have been defiled. Perhaps, the wiring isn’t right, and the current reaches to the device’s case.


This error code shows up in case there is an issue with the heating element. Maybe, the thermostat and the heating features are not installed properly, faulty wiring, or damaged/burnt bus.


Coming across this error means there is an issue with the thermostat. Probably, the thermostat is burnt, or maybe there is an issue with the wiring. To know if the thermostat has an issue, consider using a multimeter.


This error implies that the dishwasher has gathered water for a long time, which is longer than how the system is supposed to do. The issue could have occurred simply because you didn’t remember to leave the tap-tee valve open.


This happens when the dishwasher isn’t able to drain water well. To fix that issue, consider confirming;

  • Pump failure
  • Drain hose blockage
  • Circulation pump breakdown