The Siemens Dishwasher Does Not Open

The Siemens Dishwasher Does Not Open

Nothing is as frustrating as having a faulty dishwasher that is closed and fails to open. Often, you have to find a suitable solution to try and open the machine. Without a doubt, the dishwasher is faulty, and that is the reason why it can no longer open. As such, the repair is needed; otherwise, the utensils will remain in the dishwasher.

How to identify indicators of faultiness

Think if you heard strange sounds while closing the doors. Maybe there were some clicks or creaks sounding. Realizing the faultiness is simple as the dishwasher’s door will not open due to one primary reason, a defective locking mechanism. Based on the rule of repair for this appliance, due to wear and tear, it is impossible to carry out the restoration. Thus, a new element is needed for a complete replacement.

Troubleshooting the problem in the machine

If your appliance fails to open, do not panic, save time and money by troubleshooting the issue before calling out a professional. Repairing a faulty lock or parts of a dishwasher causing malfunctioning of the door is not as hard as many users may perceive and can be carried out even if you are not particularly handy.

Special tools are essential tools of work that you should acquire before starting the repairs. You also need to purchase a new lock. This lock must mainly be well-suited with the Siemen dishwasher’s model. Else, it’s proper fixing will be impossible. Notably, the lock parts are sold as a package; hence, you will need to buy a whole new lock.

Besides, you will require hex keys, a regular screwdriver, and a bent one. A ring wrench will also be of use, especially in removing nuts found in hidden places.

Procedural steps are as follows:

  • Detach the dishwasher to gain access to the working compartment
  • After accessing the hinges, pull them out from the seat.
  • Afterward, please take out the door unbolt it, then unscrew the seat of the lock
  • Replace the lock and all the nuts with new ones
  • Put together all the elements back using the reverse order.
  • Examine the operation of the dishwasher’s door lock without linking it to the power supply connection
  • If there lacks an issue with the locking door, link the equipment to the power supply connection, and inspect if it is functioning. Note well that the machine should start after closing.